YGR_Podcast_Logo_SmallHow To Train Your Mind For Fitness Success

In this podcast we talk about how to mange your thoughts when you feel that your goals are not being met.

This podcast was inspired by the feelings I was having during my current bulk stage that I decided to do for the next 6 months. I started feeling like I was getting fat even though the scale wasn’t showing over the amount I anticipated gaining during this phase.

But, when the scale does move up it automatically starts to play with your head. You ask yourself…is this muscle? Is it all FAT? Should I being doing this? Will it be worth it in the end?

All these thoughts start to invade my mind and make me think I should be cutting and not bulking. But, I know that in order to build muscle…I will need to eat a surplus of calories and will most likely gain some fat in the process.

This podcast is what I needed to push me through so I stay on track and may help you if you are battling with negative thoughts. I felt like this episode was a short therapy session…and I needed it 🙂

Hope you enjoy the show.

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