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In this podcast we talk about how to handle all the food temptations around the Holidays.

Every year we deal with the all the Holiday foods and temptations and usually just say we will take time off until after the new year. I know you’ve done this…because I have too.

But, you can finally learn how to enjoy the Holidays and in some cases eat whatever you want if you prepare for it. Jim and I talk about what we do for the Holidays and how we can eat what we want, but also still stay fit and keep striving to meat our fitness goals.

It’s not easy, but if you have a plan and support…you can do it.

I share a story during the podcast were I explain what I did last year before Thanksgiving. I challenged myself to lose 5 lbs in 14 days so I could relax on Thanksgiving. I totally ate clean for 14 days straight and counted all my calories. The funny thing is you can do this without feeling like you are dieting. I explain in detail in this session.

We also talk about how to not wait until after January 1st to set your fitness goals and start working out. Everyone uses the “I’ll start on Monday” line, but usually never start on Monday. What’s wrong with starting today or first thing tomorrow?

Jim and I give some simple tips and techniques to make eating around the Holidays fun and something you can do. Do us a favor…don’t wait to get started or stop all together because the Holidays are coming. Stay active and you can have those mashed potatoes and pie on Thanksgiving.

Hope you enjoy the show.

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