In this podcast we talk about how resting is an important part of muscle gains and keeping your body healthy.

This is something that I realized after taking an unexpected 4 days off from my normal workout routine.

Jim and I talk about how I was a little afraid of losing what I worked so hard for over the past few months. We all feel like if we are not working out, we are losing muscle or getting soft. The truth is that it usually takes longer than just 4 days to start losing muscle that can make an impact on your goals.

But, it’s human nature to feel this way, because you do lose a slight pump throughout your body. Generally after you workout you feel a pump in your muscles. We love that feeling and it usually lasts for a couple of days. You muscles feel tighter and sometimes sore. But, after your body recovers that feeling usually goes away.

That’s why when you workout 5 or 6 days a week your body never really loses that feeling of a slight pump. That’s what happened to me after my 4 day unexpected time off from training. I started to feel soft and not as pumped. But, when I thought about it I knew it was just my mind playing tricks on me and I just needed to get back to my routine and get lifting weights.

After my first day back of working out I got my pump back and the next day too.

The Big Takeaway HERE!

Don’t be afraid to take some time off from your training routine. But, only after you have been consistently training for at least 6 weeks. Let’s face it. If you just started training for 2 weeks and then you take 1 week off, you will have a tough time getting results.

I will most likely take a 4 or 5 day rest after every 6 to 8 weeks of working out. This will give my body time to recover fully and also confuse my body. Remember that we always want to mix things up so our bodies are always guessing. That’s how you will get results.

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