YGR_Podcast_Logo_SmallIn this podcast we talk about how staying active is so important for your over all health and burning calories.

I realized this myself after I spent much of my Sunday afternoon in front of the computer working on some projects. I’m usually trying to get 10,000 steps per day as a goal to myself, because I know it beneficial to my health and my fitness goals. Plus, I know if I meet my goal I will have walked about 5 miles and burned roughly 500 calories. That may be a dessert or something I don’t usually have. I look at calories like money in the bank. You can bank them or use them when needed.

But, this particular Sunday I didn’t move as much and my Fit Bit Flex tracker confirmed my lack of movement. It clearly said I only walked 2,500 steps in a 6 hour period. That’s what most people do if they have an office job and are behind a desk. I realized then that most people are not moving enough and that’s why we as Americans are getting FAT!

Of course…most people also consume many drinks through the day…like Soda, Coffee with sugar and other sugary drinks. Did you know that one 20 oz soda is 250 calories? Most people drink 2 or 3 of these per day or more. These are empty calories and with the lack of movement is a total death wish.

The point of this podcast is to open people’s eyes and realize that being conscious of how much activity you are having can make a huge difference in your fitness goals.

It doesn’t matter if you are trying to lose weight or build muscle…you need to know your numbers. We discuss in the episode how to figure and track your numbers and be more aware of what you do on a daily basis. We give some tips and advice on how to put all of this information into your life and create new habits for long term success!

After you listen to this episode…think about how you can become more active on a daily basis. You may surprise yourself.



Fit Bit Flex

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