YGR_Podcast_Logo_SmallOk…We Did It!

We published our very first You-Get-Ripped Podcast.

Here’s what we discuss on this episode.

Jim and I talk freely about why we decided to start a podcast and publish it to the world. The long story short…we LOVE Fitness and helping people, so it just made perfect sense.


Here’s a few of the points that we discussed during the show.

Find your WHY first

Most people force themselves to workout or eat healthy, but don’t know the real reason WHY? If you figure out what your goals are and WHY you want to meet them, it makes it so much easier to commit to yourself. So, the first thing we tell everyone we help is finding their WHY.

Making The Commitment

The second thing we discuss is making a REAL commitment to yourself and sticking to your workouts, nutrition and motivation. This is HUGE and we give a few ideas on how commit to yourself so you never miss another workout.

Find Like Minded People

Lastly we talk about how important it is to surround yourself with like minded people that all want similar things. In our case, we surround ourselves with people that want to stay in shape, eat healthier, add more muscle to their bodies and stay motivated!

That’s what we want to create from this podcast. We want to create a small group or tribe that wants similar things and helps each other reach those goals. We want to push each other to stick to those fitness goals and share what works and what doesn’t.

Let’s do this together and Get Ripped!

Listen to the episode and leave us a comment or drop us an email. Let us know what you think and if you want to be apart of our You-Get-Ripped Tribe.

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Show Notes:

Blog Post – Finding Your WHY!

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