weighted_vest_exercisesI recently shot a quick video explaining why I use a weighted vest when working out to help build muscle. I basically only use the vest for when I do push-ups and sometimes pull-ups.

Video:You should watch the video that I created down below this post that explains how I use the vest in my workouts.

When trying to build muscle you want to do less reps and put more strain on the muscles. If I can do 50 push-ups with no vest, by adding my 20 pound weighted vest I can only do 25.

There’s more uses than just doing pull-ups and pull-ups. You can use the vest when walking, riding bike, jogging, chair dips and doing sit-ups. The thing is you want to continue adding more resistance so your body becomes stronger.

Who’s A Weighted Vest For?

I would suggest using a vest when you are trying to build muscle and bulk up. If you want to add some weight and stay in a calorie surplus, you want to do less reps and cut down on the cardio.

Think about this for a minute. If you do 100 push-ups, you will get stronger…but will also burn more calories. It then turns into more of a cardio exercise. When trying to bulk or build muscle you want to do less cardio, so you are at a calorie surplus.

Who The Vest Not For?

It’s not for someone that is already having a hard time with a certain exercise. For example, if you are having a tough time doing 25 push-ups, you don’t need the added weight yet. If you can’t do 10 pull-ups of your own body weight yet…you don’t need it.

I just wanted to share my experience with using the weighted vest and why I use it from time to time.The vest I used is by Gold’s Gym and it’s 20 pounds. I bought it at Walmart a while ago. I don’t even know if they sell them anymore. I did look on Amazon and they do sell better ones now. Here’s a link (Weighted Vest) if you want to check them out. They even make 40 and 60 pound vests now.

Weighted Vest Alternative

I’ve seen other people use a backpack and add weights inside. I’ve also seen people have a doggy backpack and use their pet for added weight. Of course you need to be careful when doing this. You want to always have the safety of your pet first before doing this.

In the video I shot I was using the vest for vertical push-ups which I do for my shoulder workout. I basically use push-up bars about should width apart and put my feet up high. This can be a chair, couch or in my case my dip stand. This increases the resistance on my shoulders and with the vest makes my body 20 pounds heavier.

Watch Video Of Me Using A Weight Vest Doing Vertical Push-Ups

So, I hope this gives you a look at how to use a weighted vest and if it’s for you. It may not be what you need at the moment, but it’s always their for when you do. Remember, depending on what your fitness goals are will depend on what you currently do for your exercise routine.

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