When is the best time of the day to workout? First thing in the morning?

You would think this would be a great time to workout. You have no food in your system to bog you down. You have all your energy because you just had a good night sleep. This could be the time for you.

If you choose to workout after breakfast you now have some nutrients in your system and you’re ready to go? How about in the middle of the day after your body’s been up, moving around and you still have plenty of energy. How about when you get home from work? You are excited your done working and itโ€™s time to train and get into shape. Maybe you like to work out just before bed. All of these are possible options and the biggest thing to ask yourself is…when can I workout and when will I feel motivated to complete my workouts?

Everyone Is Different!

The key is to follow through and stay on track. Your workouts will be part of your daily routine and you need to find that time were you can commit…100%. That’s how you will see the best results, from whatever workout you’re doing. Whether it’s Insanity, P90x or your own workout. It needs to be consistent and you will see consistent results.

There are some benefits to the times you choose, but in my book it’s a mental benefit. I’m sure there’s some science about the exact time, but Beachbody never says when to workout and they have spent millions researching fitness. I’d listen to them ๐Ÿ™‚

Here’s some benefits I see for different times of the day.

Morning Workouts:

The morning is a good time to work out. I’ve done that before, right when I wake up I would warm up…stretch and workout. Plus, you feel like you’re workout is done for the day and now you feel good mentally too.

After Breakfast:

Currently, I prefer to get breakfast in my stomach first, wait a couple hours then workout. Some people don’t like to feel shaky and need some carbs in their system to get their bodies running.

Early Afternoon:

If you prefer not to work out in the morning, it’s usually going to be after work. Depending on the time you get home from work, you may choose to workout right away or eat and then wait a couple hours to exercise.

Before Bed:

I will say though, that I don’t like to work out just before bed. It usually takes a couple of hours to come down from the workout. You want to be relaxed before bed to get a good night’s sleep.But, if this is the only time you can get it in….than Do IT! Remember, we want to get results and sometimes our schedules don’t allow us to workout when we want to. So, you may need to make adjustments so you stay committed to your fitness goals.

Big Takeaway!

So…to wrap this up the best time of day to workout is anytime you can make it to the gym or workout at home. We are all so busy with a million and one things to do. Just getting your workout in everyday is a great thing. You should have an hour of physical activity every day no matter what. That does not mean necessarily that you have to have an hour workout. I like my workouts to be around a half hour to 45 minutes. But, then that leaves 15 minutes more of activity for the day. If you are not working out for a full hour and you want to fill that last 15 minutes, you could play basket ball or kickball with the kids. Now the kids are involved and moving around as well.

Don’t forget even children should be exercising an hour a day, whether that’s playing outside or working out. Go for a walk. Do some yard or house work. There are many things you can do and it does not have to be high impact. Just moving around is good.


One last tip to get some extra walking in. Try to park at the furthest spot in the parking lot everyday and every place you go. This will add up in aa hurry and you will be getting more exercise without even trying.

I hope this helps you see that the big takeaway here is that the best time to workout, is anytime you can!

Your schedule and your lifestyle will dictate when you can work out. Just make sure somewhere in your day you set aside that hour. Even if it’s a half hour now and a half hour later put that full hour together every day and you will see results.


If you don’t like to read….Here’s a video where I talk about “When Is The Best Time To Exercise And Workout.


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