What Is PB2 Peanut Butter?

I didn’t know either, but I’m so glad Idid. When I first discovered PB2 powdered peanut butter, I thought I found GOLD! I couldn’t believe that this stuff could actually taste good after they stripped 85% of the fat that’s in regular peanut butter.

It comes in a jar just like regular peanut butter or you can buy a vacuumed sealed bag, that’s what I usually do. The reason I love it so much, is because it is very easy to scoop 1 or 2 table spoons into my Shakeolgoy Shake and I’m done. It doesn’t stick to the spoon like peanut butter used to do to me. Convenience is not the only benefit to this product, the nutritional value will be in your favor as well. When you compare the nutrition label of PB 2 and other peanut butters…the results are Amazing!

For example…the generic brand I have has 190 calories for 2 table spoons vs. 45 for PB2. Regular peanut butter has 15g of fat and PB2 only has 1.5g. What a savings in calories and fat.

This doesn’t just have to be used for shakes either. It is so simple to use, you can make up exactly what you need with just a little water. Put some PB2 in a bowl, add water mix and you instantly have creamy peanut butter. The rest of the PB2 can be left dry in the container.

 I did a blind taste test with my wife and she preferred the taste and texture of the PB2. I tried to have my daughter do a taste test as well, but she just woke up from a nap and was cranky. No she is not a baby, she’s a teenager and I can’t get them to help with anything not even a simple taste test.

For me I think it’s great on a sandwich or in my shake. The 2 things I like the most about dry powder is that I can easily scoop it into my shake and it has much less calories per serving. They also make PB2 in chocolate flavor. That makes it nice to give my shake a little different taste without having to make big changes in my ingredients.  I would imagine the powdered peanut butter would be easier for baking as well.

The only thing I do not like is that  there are not many stores around that carry PB2. You either have to order online or if you’re lucky there may be a place near you that sells it. I found the store near my house tends to run out very quickly. When you do find a place near you or online make sure to get a couple of jars or the larger bag till the next time. Although PB2 is not easily available in stores, it is still a product that works great for me and it will be a standard item in my diet.

You can watch my full PB2 Powder Peanut Butter review below!


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