Can You Build Muscle Naturally?

Yep…but it can be FRUSTRATING As HELL!

YGR_Podcast_Logo_SmallIn this podcast we talk about building muscle naturally and how frustration is a part of it.


I know, because that’s exactly what just happened to me and I decided to share it with everyone. I decided back on August 27th to start a 60 day cycle of working out with heavier weights and bulk up. I thought I could possibly gain some size in this time if I ate right and worked out HARD!

Well, to some it would seem like a success, but I was disappointed. Well, not totally. I actually gained about 4 lbs over this time and 5/8″ on my arms. My waist didn’t get bigger, which is a good thing. 

But, here’s the thing. I probably gained muscle on other parts of my body that I’m not measuring. I’m sure I added some size to my shoulders and my back, but I don’t measure those areas. It’s to hard to get accurate measurements.

Take Before And After Pics

The best thing to do when bulking…is take before and after pics. The mirror will tell the story.

Throughout this podcast, Jim and I talk about our 6 month bulk and what foods we will be eating to gain some size. Remember…nutrition is 80% of your results. If you’re not eating enough, you can’t build muscle. 

We discuss all this in detail on the podcast.

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