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I need to explain why cheat meals are both good and bad for everyone.pizza_will_make_you_fat

First , I want to say that if you are trying to lose weight, you shouldn’t have a cheat meal until you have achieved your weight loss goal. Now, with that being said…you should always set smaller goals to reach your bigger ones. That’s basic goal setting 101 right?

For example: If you are 50 lbs over weight, you may want to give yourself an incentive for losing your first 20 lbs. This way you know their is a reward for your hard work. Now, the other thing that may happen is you will reach your goal and decide to not cheat, because you have made it and you don’t want to lose what you’ve worked so hard for. 

But, if you do decide to cheat when you meet your goal…only have a small cheat meal and not a cheat day. You will gain a lot faster than you will lose. It’s just the way it is and it SUCKS! But, we all know that and need to be aware of the consequences.

The reason I am writing this post is because I’m at a different place in my fitness journey and I know others may be as well. Currently I am  trying to gain muscle and stay lean at the same time. This is a whole learning process and I’m trying to figure out my own body. Remember, we are all different and our bodies will react differently when consuming calories.

Here’s what happened last night after I had 4 slices of meat lover’s pizza.

Yep, that’s right. I love Pizza and I ate 4 pieces last night, which was probably between 1,300 to 1,600 calories. Keep in mind that there were lots of bad carbs and lots of sodium in these slices.

I gained 3 lbs over night?

Yep…I weigh myself every morning at the same time and the scale said I was 177 lbs. The morning before I weighed in at 174 lbs. How can this be? Did I really gain 3lbs of fat in less than 12 hours. Well, of course not. And I will bet that in the next day or two I will be back at 174 or less. 

Here’s the deal. Most of the weight is from the sodium and bread from the pizza. I know this, because every time in the past that I’ve eaten pizza or something heavy in carbs or sodium, I gain weight over night. But, It goes away in a day or so as long as I get back to my normal eating.

So, here’s what I want you to understand!

Yes, I had a cheat meal, but the very next day I went back to my normal eating habits. I  always track all my calories, both in and out to make sure I’m on track to meet my fitness goals. That is the key. If you have a cheat meal, you need to get back on track ASAP!

I also want to point out that the scale is just a gage for us to see over a period of time how we are doing. You have to learn how much your body fluctuates and the only way to know this, is to track calories and your weight over a few weeks. I personally float between 2 to 3 pounds all the time, so I know how my body reacts to certain foods and calories.

If you are going to weigh yourself to track your own weight, make sure to weigh in the same time everyday. Also, weigh yourself naked or just in your underwear. I prefer to weigh-in first thing in the morning juts before I get in the shower. You stomach is empty and you’ll get the best results in my opinion.

So…to wrap this post up

Yes…you can eat Pizza or whatever you love, but you will gain weight overnight . But, as long as you get back on track, that weight will disappear too.

I hope this post helps you reach your fitness goals and helps you understand that we are all human. We need to still live and enjoy ourselves. For some of us (me included) we love food and enjoy having a beer now and then. We can stay healthy if we exercise weekly and eat healthy 90% of the time. That’s just my opinion of course.

Good Luck!

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