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No…that’s not me in the leopard bikini, but it could be if I didn’t decide to make fitness my way of life. There’s so many people that set their New Year’s resolution to work out and get in shape and usually fail within the first 30 days. I know I’ve been guilty of this in the past.

At the time of writing this post it’s May and the weather is starting to look nice. You know hanging out around the pool and going to the beach is just around the corner. You’re running out of time and you want to know….

How To Get Ripped Fast!

You must be worried about it or you wouldn’t be reading this post right now. You have to ask yourself how bad you want it. You’re running out of time and you need to do this fast. Your diet will have to be right on target and your workouts will have to be intense. That’s ok though, because you are willing to do what it takes to look great this summer. Right?
Let’s start with your diet. You have to make sure you’re eating the correct number of carbohydrates,  proteins and fats. Your calorie intake should be at a small deficit. I wouldn’t have any cheat meals for the next 30 to 60 days. Here’s some very good clean foods you can add to your diet to help you GET RIPPED FAST.

Your Diet Is 80% Of Your Results

You should include lean meats, fruits, vegetables and whole grains. The diet is the most important portion of your results. Stay true to you’re eating and you will be ripped for the summer. This applies to anytime of the year for when you want to shed some weight and get looking good for that vacation or special event. Here’s a post Scott did recently explaining his 1,800 Calorie diet that helped him get ripped.

Your Workouts Need To Be Intense

Let’s work on exercise next. Depending on what you look like now you may have to do some very intense cardio to speed up your results. At this point you should be working out 6 days a week and at least 45 minutes to an hour per day.
 P90X is a great workout for getting ripped. I am doing that  myself right now. This is a 90 day workout. Since summer is so close I would suggest something a little more extreme. I think Insanity could be one of your best bets. Insanity is a 60 day workout program that will turn your body into a fat shredding machine.

Don’t get me wrong there are other workouts that will work. P90X is a great one, we’re just running out of time we need to do something extreme.
 Did I mention your diet would play a large role in this process? You need to stay on the low end of your calories, carbohydrates and fat intake. Your carbohydrates should be just enough to give you energy for your workouts and getting through the day. Any more than you actually need to fuel your day  will turn to fat. You will have to listen to your body to know exactly where to set your numbers. You should not feel totally exhausted during your work out or at the end of the day.

Experimenting With Your Body

This isn’t a one size fits all plan. Everyone’s body is different and you need to figure out what works for you. Experimenting to find your numbers to lose or gain is critical. Then you can shape your body anyway you want depending out how your body reacts to a certain number of calories.

I hope this posts helps you reach your fitness goals for anytime of the year.

Watch The Video Below For More Tips On How To get Ripped For The Summer!

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