Tony Horton’s unique training style will keep you motivated every step of the way. These advanced workouts target specific problem areas so you get maximum body sculpting and muscle definition.


    • Core Cardio
      Engage your core and get a lean, ripped midsection with these intense cardio and sculpting moves. (48 minutes)


    • Plyo Legs
      An explosive lower-body workout with Tony’s breakthrough plyometric moves to strengthen, sculpt, and shape your legs, hips, and glutes. (49 minutes)


    • Sculpt 5-6
      Turn up the intensity and focus on those key areas with Tony’s best total-body sculpting workout yet! (48 minutes)


    • Sweat 5-6
      A big-time calorie-burning workout that raises the bar on your cardio and gets you totally more lean and ripped! (49 minutes)


    • Cardio Intervals
      Burn maximum fat and reshape your body from head to toe with Tony’s challenging cardio intervals. (56 minutes)


  • UML (Upper Middle Lower)
    Get started on these innovative new sequences for a ripped upper body, chiseled abs, and a firm, sculpted butt. (40 minutes)

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Only $59.85

Only $59.85