In this short video I wanted to answer a question about what’s in my daily shake. I have used a variety of Whey Protein powders…but I fell in love with one of Beachbody’s products called “Shakeology”.

It’s more than just protein…it’s a meal with tons of vitamins.

I Love it and I can’t Live Without IT!

Watch the video where I walk you through everything I put in this baby.

Here’s the Recipe…just in case you wanted to print it out.

My Chocolate Shakeology Protein Shake

16 oz of water

8 oz of ice

1 frozen banana (It doesn’t have to be frozen. I just like it that way.)

2 tbs of Smuckers  All Natural Peanut Butter

(TIP: I recently started using PB2 that is a powder form of peanut butter. It has only 45 calories and 1.5 grams of fat)

1 Scoop Shakeology or Whey Protein Powder

Blend everything for a few minutes and ENJOY!

(Important NOTE: If you’re using this shake as a meal replacement…you should use Shakeology. It has more Vitamins and Nutrients than normal protein shakes.) I included a video below that explains all about the benefits to Shakeology from 100 Doctors.

I’ll be posting a few other recipes for my other shakes that I make to spice things up every now and then.

If you want more information on Shakelogy or want to order some…Here’s The LINK!

Here’s a short video that explains Shakeology and why it’s so important for you to use it in your fitness program or as a meal replacement. We use this stuff at least once a day and is now part of our diet and nutrition. Plus…this stuff Tastes AWESOME!

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