The one thing I am so grateful for is not just getting myself in shape and transforming my body, but also having my wife Lisa join me and make this a family affair.

Once I decided to start my fitness journey with the Insanity routine by Shaun T…she wanted in. We started this together back in April of 2011 and are now both happier, healthier and addicted to HEALTH and FITNESS!

Lisa Voelker (My Wife) can give tips on Insanity and Chalean Extreme as of right now. Like I said we’re addicted to fitness and she will be doing other programs through her journey.

She is currently telling everyone she knows about Beachbody and is forming groups to do Chalean Extreme.

Scott Voelker (Me) can give you tips on Insanity and P90x and how to adapt these programs to your lifestyle and keep you motivated to finish and most importantly Get Results.

You can make me (Scott Voelker) your coach by Clicking HERE!


Our Team and Close Friends

After finishing my first round of Insanity…I mentioned my results to one of my best friends from Grade School (who now lives in AZ about 3,200 miles from me) and he was interested in doing Insanity. I signed him up and BAM…he was hooked. He now wants to help others get results like him. Plus…during his transformation his Wife Julie got EXCITED and wanted to get in on this craziness 🙂

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So…you can see that with the right support and energy you can change your health and fitness for the better. It’s just takes commitment, dedication, hard work and support. Choose us to be your coach and we’ll make sure you get the results and the support you’re looking for.

**NOTE** If you already have a teambeachbody account, you will have already been assigned a coach, and to become a member of “team YouGetRIPPED” you will have to make a “coach switch”. You may have been assigned a coach and didn’t even know it, or you may have a coach that doesn’t fit your goals.  If this is the case, and you feel like one of us can better help you maximize the program, making the switch is easy!

To make the coach switch, you simply have to send a one line email to telling them that you want one of us to be your coach:
(Scott Voelker) coach # 102814 at
(Jim Krill) coach # 132840 at
On the email, make sure to include your FULL NAME and email address. Also, be sure to CC the coach you choose on the email so that we will know to follow up and make sure the switch goes through.

As your coaches, we are here to help motivate and support you through your own fitness journey!  Through our own transformations, we have become passionate about  these programs and supplements, and we are excited to help others transform their bodies and get passionate about it too!  We have learned a lot about how to maximize these workouts, the nutrition, and the supplements.  Let us help you maximize your results as well!