Hey Everyone,

My name is Jim Krill and I have lifted weights on and off since I was 18 years old. Cardio was not a large part of my routine. That has caught up to my over the years, around my waist area as most of the men out there know what I’m talking about.

I have always wanted to help others with their weight lose and fitness goals as well, but never knew how. On a trip back to Upstate NY I spoke with a long time friend, Scott. He was doing Insanity and pretty pumped about it to say the least.

He suggested that I give it a try. So…I started the Insanity program and using Shakeology as one of my daily snacks. As I looked through the Beachbody web site I realized all the great fitness and Nutrition tips, not to mention motivational tools. . I soon came to realize that Beachbody could help me fulfill 2 dreams. One to keep myself and my family fit and two help others to reach this same goal.

I’ve just started my journey, because now I’m addicted.I want to do P90X next and already committed to do it with my friend Scott. Plus…there’s a new program Beachbody is talking about called Body Beast and that will most likely be the one that follows P90X. See…I’m addicted 🙂

Here’s a couple shots I took during my journey through Insanity. I’ll be posting more as I continue to track my progress.

>>>>Day 1 Of Insanity









>>>>Day 30 Of Insanity


>>>>Day 46 Of Insanity


>>>> To Be Continued!

This is just the beginning and now I’m excited to share my new found knowledge and excitement with others to make a difference in other peoples lives.

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