Hey Everyone,

My name is Scott Voelker and I’ve been always into working out as a kid with my buddies. But, after I was married and had kids…life took over.

Through the years I’ve tried to get back into it, but I could never stay motivated. In April of 2011 I watched the Infomercial late one night for the Insanity 60 day program and I made the commitment to Go For It.

MY Motivation

My motivation was that the family and I were going on a Vacation to Mexico and my gut was not looking so good 🙂

Fast Forward a little…I did it. I completed Insanity in 60 days and I was fit and pumped to continue this journey. It’s addicting once you discover you can do it. Plus…after you get results, you want to continue and see what else you can achieve.

When I got back from Mexico I wanted to start the 90 day program p90x. So…I did. But I soon discovered that the Cardio in p90x wasn’t close to Insanity. That’s when I decided to do a Hybrid. I would substitute some Insanity Cardio on the days that p90x was off or doing their Cardio routines.

What Now?

Now…I am creating my own workouts from what I’ve learned and trying to build muscle mass.

That’s where YouGetRipped.com was discovered. I wanted to track my results publicly to make me more accountable and help others in the process. I think of this blog as my diary and journal to see my growth, but more importantly help others.

I also recently started talking to a very good friend of mine from High School that I use to work out with a looooong time ago 🙂

His name is Jim Krill and he’s been like me. Always wanting to better his health and stay a Lean machine…even as we get older. He has agreed to help me with this blog and document his workouts, motivation and nutrition.

One side note. Something you need to know about me. I hate to write…so I’ll be shooting video more than writing and I’ll explain my story and my progress through this blog more frequently.


Here’s a short video of my Insanity Transformation.

If you have any questions about the Insanity program or P90X…post a comment below. I’ll do my best to help you through the process and hopefully transform your body and mind.

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Pics of my transformation below. I’ll be adding more as I continue my workouts and continue to track my results.

Pictures Before I decided to get healthy






















After Insanity 60 Day Program



After P90X/Insanity Hybrid Workouts






So…currently I am starting another round of P90x with Jimmy and our new challenge group. This round I will be focusing on gaining muscle mass and really Bringing IT!

I’ll be posting more pictures as I grow and go through my next round.

Now…Dig Down and YouGetRIPPED!