How To Take Up To 17.00 OFF Your Order

There is a way to get Shakeology for less money. If you sign up to Beachbody as a coach you can receive a 25 percent discount on your Shakeology purchase, as well as any other purchases made through Beachbody. When you pay the 12.95 a month membership fee Plus 89.96 for the discounted Shakeology. You will pay $102.91per month. That is a savings of 17 dollars a month. Now each Shakeology meal will cost only 3.42 per serving.

Save An Extra 10.00 OFF Your Order

When you select the home direct option, you save yourself the cost of shipping. This means you don’t have to worry about re-ordering next month you don’t having to pay extra money to have it shipped to your home. This is a good tip as I went a couple of days without Shakeology because I forgot to re-order. When I did re-order I definitely put myself on the home direct. I didn’t like those days that I was without my Shakeology.

CRAZY…Money Back Guarantee!

Shakeology offers the bottom of the bag guarantee. You can try it for 30 days, if you don’t like it you can send the empty bag back to Beachbody and they will give you a full refund.


You Get Ripped will be your coach to lead you to your fitness goals

A coach is there to help you reach your fitness goals; they can discuss your situation recommend workout routines as well as healthy meal plans. Having a coach is an excellent benefit to Shakeology. If you are working with a coach that is great, If not you could go to the BeachBody website and they would assign you a random coach.

I am also a BeachBody coach. If you are interested in daily communication via Facebook with myself and all the others on our team, to help you reach your weight lose goals and keep it off in the future. Buy Shakeology from this site and we will help you obtain your goals.