In the beginning when we decide to workout, we are super excited and have tons of drive. We usually stick to the workouts and diet for a week or so before we start to lose motivation. Does this sound familiar?

Well…there’s many ways to trick your mind and learn how to motivate yourself to workout every single week. Let me first say that this is a journey and you will learn along the way. You will find what helps you and what hurts you. The key is to try different things until you find what works for you.

Tip 1: Join The Local Gym

Some people find that joining a gym and paying money monthly makes them motivated to go workout. Why? Because they paid money and they want to feel like they are getting their money’s worth. But, of course some people don’t care about the money. They just don’t want to do the work and just quit all together.

They may need a to spend even more money and hire a personal trainer. In my opinion, if you are working out for weight loss, than it’s worth every penny. Your health is priceless and you only get one shot at this life. But, I have some more ideas that may work.

Tip 2: Buy Workout Program On DVD

This is exactly what started me back on my workout and fitness journey. I needed a program to tell me when to workout and what to eat. Most people need a set plan that is designed for them to follow. Most of these programs like P90X, Insanity and Body Beast (just to name a few), have calendars that allow the user to mark off what they did that day. It feels good to cross off a day and know you only have 59 more days to go or how ever many is left in that program.

Like I said, I decided to buy Insanity one late night and I stuck with the program. This was the turning point for me. I made a commitment and stuck with it. Plus, I spent over $100 and didn’t want to waste money on a program I didn’t use. That was a 60 day program, but after the program I was so hooked on fitness and I decided to do P90 X and then Body Beast.

I now have customized my own workouts from what I learned in these programs. These programs are a great tool to learn from and will teach what you have to do to lose weight or gain muscle. For some people, they will need a program to follow all the time, but I personally create my own workouts now and monthly schedule. You have to do what works for you.

Tip 3: Create A Friendly Fitness Challenge Group

This is a great idea and I have seen it done and it works very well. You can be the organizer and get a few of your friends to either go the gym together or check in everyday with what they did for their workout that day. This will make you accountable and less likely to say “I’m not going to workout today”. Because, you will feel like you let your group or friends down. You may also say how you’re thinking of not working out due to certain circumstances and they will push you to get your workout in.

This is exactly what Jimmy and I do every single day. If you don’t know, Jimmy is the other guy behind this website. He’s also one of my best friends from childhood. We text or talk briefly everyday discussing what we did that day for our workout. We ask each other questions about certain foods, protein, exercises or whatever. We also discuss what our goals are for the month or months ahead.

We help keep each other to stay on track and help keep each other stay motivated to workout. Recently he sent me a text saying he didn’t feel like working out that day. I told him that I was excited to workout that day and he should just get it done. Of course he didn’t want me to have one up on him, so he decided to workout. He then thanked me after, saying he is so glad he got his workout in.

You see, sometimes we just need a mental trigger to help us get moving. There’s been days that I just didn’t want to workout. I told myself to just do my warmup and see how I felt. I ended up completing my workout and feeling great!

Success Story

Let me leave you with one quick story that helped a friend of mine lose over 90 pounds to date.

One day I was talking about how I was going to be starting P90 X and I wouldn’t be drinking Alcohol for 90 days. We usually played darts on Monday nights and we have a few beers. But, I was going to be giving it up for 90 days while doing the program.

I said jokingly…”Hey…want to join me in P90 X?”

I never thought he would say yes, but he did. He said I think I’m ready. I never mentioned weight loss around him or getting in shape, because I didn’t want to seem pushy. I knew when he was ready he would ask. Everyone knows me as the fitness guy and usually asks me questions while at parties or get-togethers. I love talking fitness stuff. That’s why i started this blog…duh!

OK…so Keep in mind that my friend Chris was 282 pounds and loved to cook. Everyone knows him as the guy that can drink a few beers and cook amazing food. Unfortunately…the food he cooked was very bad for you. Filled with butter, creams, starchy carbs and high fat. So, I knew he was going to have to make some BIG changes.


Before Weight Loss


After he said yes, I started to wonder if P90 X was to much for him. He has bad knees and a bad back. So for him to do pull ups and some of the other exercises would be a challenge. I then recommended a program called Power 90. This is a program that is a pre-P90x program. It’s a lot of cardio and I knew he could do this. He agreed and immediately ordered the program.

He was sending me text messages about how ready he was and couldn’t wait for it to arrive. While he was waiting, we looked at his nutrition and decided to start him on an 1,800 to 1,900 calories per day eating plan.

I’m happy to say that he completed the 90 days and lost over 60 pounds within that time. But, like I said earlier, this started him on his journey. After 2 years since doing Power 90 he has lost 100 pounds total and weighs 182 pounds. He still eats his 1,900 calories and has re-trained his mind how to eat properly. He found foods that he loves and knows how to keep his nutrition in check.


Weight Loss After Picture


I hope this story and post inspires you and helps you find techniques to motivate yourself daily..weekly and monthly to reach your fitness goals. It doesn’t matter if you’re trying to lose 100 pounds, 20 pounds or gain some solid muscle, you need to have a plan and stick to it.

Here’s to your fitness SUCCESS.

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