So…you want to know how to stay motivated and keep working out or staying true to your diet.  I know this can be the silent killer that stops people from continuing or just getting started.

First…you have to ask yourself what motivates you. I can’t say what exactly motivates you, but I can give you some ideas that have helped me and others. You have to know yourself…you have to know what gets you going. For me when I work out and eat properly…I like the way I feel and look. On the days I am having trouble getting motivated, some heavy music works well for me. It might not be that simple for you. It might take a little more to get you going. That’s okay, because somewhere in yourself is a solution and you’ll figure it out.

Here’s some tips to help you discover your motivator.


Let’s start with your health and how you would like to live longer! If not for yourself, how about for your friends, family, children or even grandchildren. Music is always great to get you going…it can really stir up the emotion in you.

Pictures or Movies

You can use an old picture of yourself when you were in shape or a picture in a magazine of someone you want to look like. Maybe you have a favorite inspirational movie or video clip you can watch to get you going.

Goal Setting – Commitment

Setting goals for you self can be very powerful, if they are written down and you review them every day. Share your goals with your friends and family post them on Facebook for all to see. Everyone you know can help to keep you accountable as well. Surround yourself with positive people. Negative people will pull you down and make you fail. Positive people will and color courage you and help you to succeed.

 Workout Partner

Get yourself a workout partner you can push each other when you’re not in the mood. Weather you have a partner or not YouGetRipped can be a great asset. We have a challenge group communicating on Facebook to help each other along the way. If you were to get a workout program Shaun T, Tony Horton Charlene Johnson. It’s like they are there in your living room keeping you going.

Record Everything – See Results

Before you get started record your weight, body fat percentage, waste, arms, legs etc. When you start to see these numbers shrink or go up if you’re trying to gain muscle that progress is a great motivator. When you start to see your strength increasing, your stamina lasting longer, all of these work to keep you motivated and reach your goals and beyond.

Reward Yourself

When you reach your goals reward yourself. Maybe it is shopping for some new cloths that fit you or do something you really have been wanting to do. You have been working so hard lately and eating right maybe you want to cheat on your diet…that is fine, just remember don’t go over bored. You don’t want to give up all the hard work you just put in. Now its time to reset your goals and start again. You may not have to work as hard now that you are in the place you want to be, but you do not want to go backward either.

So…Stay motivated and live healthy life. We’re rooting for you 🙂

Watch the video version below of this Fitness Motivation blog post.


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