I wanted to share a salad  that I usually eat a few times a week. It’s low in calories…but loaded in protein.

When I’m trying to cut and not build mass I usually only have 4 to 6 oz of lean meat. When I trying to add muscle mass…I usually bump that up to between 8 and 10 ozs.

Always remember…you want your plate to have color to fuel your body the right way and supply all the vitamins and nutrients it needs.

You want to stay away from things like croutons, bacon bits and any other toppings that can add calories and the BAD fat. You could always add some turkey bacon to give it some crunch. If I’m making a salad with meat already…I skip the turkey bacon idea.

I always use the shredded carrots or broccoli to give it some extra crunch.

Feel free to click on the image to see this baby up close 🙂


Here’s the break down of this simple meal.

6 Cups Romain Lettuce

1/4 Cup Shredded Carrots

1/4 Cup Sliced Cucumbers

1/4 Cup Broccoli

8 0z Lean Boneless Pork Chop Center Cuts or Chicken Breasts

2 Artichokes

2 Tbsp  Newman’s Light Honey Mustard Dressing

I also usually add a few grape tomatoes to the salad as well.

This salad is under 500 calories and with 8 0zs of meat…I’m getting between 45 to 50 grams of protein.

It’s very important to measure all of your ingredients to track your calories, protein and carbs. You really shouldn’t guess.

Feel free to modify this to your taste.



2 Responses to “Pork Salad Loaded With Protein (Under 500 Calories)”

  1. Ruth Buechs says:

    Under 500 calories, awesome. Can’t wait to try this too. Great ideas & different meals is what I’m looking for to make. Keep posting the meals & knowing the calories is great too. Thanks!!!

  2. Glad you liked it. I have many more like this and even lower in calories. I’ll be shooting a video soon with my entire list of foods I eat on a daily basis.

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