Refined white flour is in many of the foods we love. Breads, cookies, donuts, biscuits, pasta‚Äôs etc. As you read this, can you think of the last time you had one of these. Maybe you’re eating a sandwich on white bread as you read this.

Let’s talk about how white flour is made. Believe it or not white flour is made from whole wheat grains. The husk and brand are removed. By the way these are the most nutritious and fiber rich parts of the grain. Here’s where it starts to get a little scary it is then bleached with chlorine containing chemicals (not all are read the label) and dried in an oven at high temperatures.

At this point the most of the beneficial nutrients have been killed. This process also helps in developing gluten which many people are allergic to. You may notice in the grocery market there are signs pointing out gluten free foods. Now that all the nutrients have been removed you are left with almost pure carbohydrates.

Carbohydrates are sugars bonded together When your body digests carbohydrates It breaks them into small sugar molecules. The vitamin E that was removed in the refining process plays an important role for your body to convert that sugar into energy.

Refined flour has a high glycemic index (GI). The higher the GI the faster and the greater amount of sugar is released into the bloodstream. When a person eats higher GI foods the blood sugar level in the system goes up very fast, this is known as hyper glycemia, excessive sugar in the blood.

This excess sugar causes cell damage. The pancreas then needs to release insulin very fast to convert the sugars into a fatty acids. When this process happens too many times, the pancreas is damaged and loses its ability to produce insulin. This is otherwise known as diabetes.

When so much insulin is released at one time sugar levels drop very fast this will give you a feeling of being famished and tired. Insulin is a hormone that signals the body to store fat. Vitamins and minerals are needed to turn this food into energy because there are very little vitamins and minerals in the food, due to the refining process it is taken from your body this can affect your bones, organs, skin etc. When there is insufficient vitamins and minerals to turn this into energy the sugars are stored as fat.

Everything here is just the surface there is so much more involved. I don’t know about you but just this little bit of information scares me. When you are in the grocery market be sure to read the labels. Steer clear of ingredients like white flour, refined flour and enriched flour. A good alternative is whole grain bread. When purchasing bread be sure to read the ingredients steer clear of keywords like multi grain, stone ground and cracked wheat.

These sound more nutritious than they really are. Look for the words like whole grain. Whole grain flour has a lower GI. This allows sugar to be released into the bloodstream much slower. It allows your metabolism to run higher and not store sugars as fat.

This will obviously help you lose weight.

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