Basal Metabolic Rate Calculator


You use energy no matter what you’re doing, even when  you sleep. Your Basal Metabolic Rate is the number of calories you would burn if you stayed in bed all day and basically just breathed. This number is different for everyone depending on your age, current weight and height. You may have noticed that every year, it becomes harder to eat whatever you want and stay slim.  Plus…your Basal Metabolic Rate decreases as you age.

People that deprive themselves of food in hopes of losing weight also decreases their BMR and makes it harder for your body to lose weight. However, a regular routine of cardio exercise can increase your BMR, which will improve your health and fitness when your body’s ability to burn calories gradually slows down.

Use the calculator below to figure out your BMR and then depending on your activity, you will add some calories to that number. I know when you do P90X or Insanity you will burn between 500 to 700 calories. The key here is to create a calorie deficit from your calorie maintenance number.

Once you figure out you BMR, you will need to figure your daily activity to see what your true calorie usage is for the day.

Here’s an example how to calculate your daily calorie amount to maintain your current body weight.

Male – 180lb – 72″ Tall – 35 Years Old BMR= 1860.96

Lightly active = BMR X 1.375

Total Calories – 1860.96 x 1.375 = 2558.82

Activity Multiplier – Find one that pertains to you below and times that by you BMR. That’s your daily calorie maintenance for your body.
Sedentary = BMR X 1.2 (little or no exercise, desk job)
Lightly active = BMR X 1.375 (light exercise/sports 1-3 days/wk)
Mod. active = BMR X 1.55 (moderate exercise/sports 3-5 days/wk)
Very active = BMR X 1.725 (hard exercise/sports 6-7 days/wk)
Extr. Active = BMR X 1.9 (hard daily exercise/sports & physical job or 2X day training, i.e marathon, contest etc.

Remember: In order to lose weight you will need to create a calorie deficit from your maintenance calories. When I was doing Insanity I subtracted 400 to 500 calories for 60 days. This allowed my body to lose fat, but still have enough calories to fuel my workouts.

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