how_to_lose_love_handles_fastThe question that comes up over and over again is “How to lose love handles fast or lose that stubborn belly fat”

Let’s be honest, none of us like having love handles and don’t want them. They are not something we work on having. But, it happens and for guys it’s usually very common.

To makes matters worst, while our love handles are often the thing a dieter would like to lose first, but when we follow a conventional diet and exercise program our stomachs are often the absolute last part of our body to shed fat and expose our abs.

Don’t worry, because with some solid diet and exercise information fueling our actions we can learn how to lose love handles fast. It’s very possible and the following proven tips can help you make your dream midsection a reality.

Let me first say that you can’t target just the fat on one certain part of your body. You will need to lose body fat all over your body and the belly is usually the last to go. So, just understand that you will be dropping your body fat over your entire body to lose those love handles.

That’s not a bad thing, because this will also make your current muscles that are under your layer of fat come through and make you looked ripped.

One of the first things I always recommend is figuring out what your calorie maintenance is, so you know how many calories you need to stay at your current weight. Then you should create a small calorie deficit that will allow you to lose fat all over your body…including your abdominal area.

If you haven’t done that yet…read this post on calculating your Calorie Maintenance

Here’s My Quick Tips on How to Lose Your Love Handles Fast

Tip #1 – Cut Your Starchy Carbohydrates

Now diet is obviously very important when it comes to losing unsightly belly fat, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that’s what our first tip focuses on. The first likely culprit when it comes to diet sabotage is eating too many carbohydrates. Starches and sugar are deadly enemies of a lean physique.

Does this mean we need to totally cut out all carbs? NO…but they should be reduced dramatically and focus on more protein and good fats daily. There’s a very good reason why a great many of the top diets over the years have stressed no or low carbs. It’s because it’s the fast track to getting body fat off fast. Cut your carbohydrates and consider a low or no (often called a ketogenic) diet. The mirror will quickly thank you!

Tip #2 –  Embrace Healthy Fats

Eat more fat to lose your love handles…WHAT?

Yes, absolutely! As long as it’s the RIGHT type of fats. Healthy fats are good for your heart, fight against inflammation and are burnt off much more quickly.

What type of fats should you be adding to your diet?

Fish oils (bought only from high quality sources), Flax seed oil, EFA’s from healthy fish, avocados and nuts. Don’t be surprised when you up the ante with healthy fats, that you notice your stomach getting more lean, your feeling more energetic and even your brain being more sharper too. Healthy fats have an almost magical effect on our bodies. Embrace them.

Tip #3 – Drink Green Tea

A big mistake when trying to come up with a way how to lose fat is paying a great deal of attention on what you’re eating and completely ignoring what you’re drinking!

Drinking empty calories, sugar packed drinks and so on are all disastrous and quickly add up to flab on the midsection. Focusing on drinking water is a must, but along with your water spice up your drinking habits with green tea.

Green tea will not only give a healthy boost to your metabolism, but it’s fat burning effect. It’s inexpensive and effective, so be sure to drink at least two cups of green tea a day.

Tip #4 – Keep an Eye on Your Calcium Levels

When your body is low on calcium it actually triggers a survival response that makes it near impossible to shed your belly fat. This makes a calcium supplement a wise investment in the battle against love handles. Especially if you are keeping your amount of dairy intake low, a calcium packed vitamin or shake can be worth its weight in gold!

Tip # 5 – Get Up and Get Moving

Burning calories will help you stay in a caloric deficit and adding some early morning exercise can help jump start your calorie burn for the day. There’s different ideas in the exercise world about what’s most effective, but in truth what works best is what is most convenient for you.

If you perform your cardio exercise with something that you have easy access to and that you enjoy, it’s a shining recipe for belly fat cutting success. Some people prefer to go to the gym and hit the treadmill free of our home’s distractions.

Others prefer using a rowing machine at home or jogging in their neighborhoods, since this gives them the freedom to burn calories on their own schedule rather than a gym’s.

The choice is yours, the important thing is to get moving five or six days a week and break a sweat for at LEAST thirty minutes. When you are doing cardio 45 minutes a day, five days a week expect your love handles to say goodbye for good, fast!

Tip #6 – Exercise Your WHOLE Body

Now do you think just doing sit ups and crunches will speed up the process of getting a flat stomach? Sadly, no. Despite as much as we may like it to, our human bodies just don’t work that way.

What’s needed is full body work outs, which end up seriously boosting your metabolism while also building an attractive toned new you. More washboard stomachs have been built with push ups and squats than with any sort of abdominal focused machine.

Those types of things may be icing on the cake, but total body workouts should be the bulk of your fitness focus. There’s no shortage of exercise programs available ranging from using weights to using only your own body weight to get fit. Find one that suits you and stick with it!

Tip # 7 – Take Action Today

You can have all the best information in the world about how to lose weight and those annoying love handles fast, but if you don’t act on it…how can you logically expect results? You can’t.

If you do the same things in life, you will get the same results. Now that you are more clear on how to lose your love handles and excess fat, it’s time to commit and Take Action!

From diet to exercise you now have a path to move on and a clear goal to achieve. These first steps may be the toughest, but once you gain some momentum you will quickly become unstoppable. Are you ready for your dream body, free of love handles and a ripped you? You certainly deserve it, so TAKE ACTION and commit to yourself today!

Good luck and thanks for reading.

Now…You Get RIPPED!

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